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How to find your way in Costa Rica?

Orientation in this small country is not difficult. The main road through Costa Rica is the Panamericana, which leads from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska (but is interrupted between Panama and Colombia). The Panamericana connects San Jose to the north of Liberia and Nicaragua and to the south to Panamá.


Cities are usually applied in a grid pattern, so that orientation is simplified. On the main square (Plaza Central) and the center of town is the Avenida Central, crossed with the Calle Central.

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The Avenidas are running from east to west, the even numbers of the Avenidas are located south of Av. Central, the odd-numbered north. With the Calles it is the same game: The even ones west, the odd ones east. Once accustomed to this system, orientation is easy in a San José.

We highly recommend using a GPS. If you book a rental car and a round tour with us, you get a free GPS provided, in which we have already entered the main places of your route. This device knows all the roads inside the country, is completely up to date and speaks several different languages.

Interactive map

The Tourism Authority of Costa Rica has recently published convenient interactive map. There is a little advertising included, but the map is very helpful for the first planning. There is yet another detailed map of the city San José. It is very helpful to get an overview of the city. The maps are a product of Canatur.

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