coffeeplantation in Costa Ricawhen to travel?

In Costa Rica there are only 2 seasons: Summer and winter

Basically, our winter months are known as summer, which are distinguished by less or no rain. But there is no guarantee it will be dry in such a water-rich country like Costa Rica. When there is summer time in Europe, it is winter time in Costa Rica.

In the rainy season it rains. Yes, sometimes longer. But it surely is not as depressing as it is in Europe. The rain is warm and most of the mornings dry. The rivers have plenty of water at that time, everything is fresh and green and the air is enourmously fresh.

Anyway- come and travel to Costa Rica

Raining season means theoretically that it rains once a day and it is usually in the afternoon, around 15:00 o'clock.

Flora in Costa Rica

Of course, you cannot set a time for the rain, but it is as described most of the time. It actually is a great time to travel, everything is green, the rivers and waterfalls have enough water, and the country is full of life. Therefore, it is advisable to always get up very early, at 5:30 the sun is already shinning. Then you will have the day to enjoy.

Costa Rica is great for making tours at any month of the year, only during the rainy season you will need better planning of the routes and more equipment. Since the roads are not the best and many streets are called “Dirt roads”, during a prolonged rainfall some routes may not be opened for driving, or only traversable with a four-wheel system vehicle.

The season where most of the visitors from around the world are traveling to Costa Rica, is from November to Easter. During this time, you should reserve in advance, because the best seats will be fully booked quickly. We are happy to help with the reservations, just fill in the contact form below.


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