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Because of our longtime work with the authentic tourism, we are proud to present you our work for improving the individual traveling. We have a huge number of insider tips and experiences regarding to special kinds of vacation. Every person has different expectations and wishes for their best time of the year. Our special offers include everything, from hardcore adventure to extreme relaxing.  We are happy to plan your individual vacation.  

Family vacation:We have much, very much experience in this topic and are happy to share our experience. Our vacation countries in Latin-American are perfect for small discoverer, teenager and there adult stuff.
For the parents it’s a well change of petting animals or building sand-castles. We want fun for the full family and assure that in our special vacation offers. Short day-stages, no extreme trips, well timed day tours, exiting and diversified proposals with action and family suitable accommodations.

Action- and adventure: Who like to get higher, faster and more extreme, but individual at the time- is right with our special offers. Much experience and knowledge, in doing and organizing extreme tours, make us to the perfect contact person.The alpine tour to the highest mountains of the Venezuelan Andes, ascent of the Table Mountains, helicopter flights, extreme rafting and canopy, mountain biking in Gran Sabana, diving-expeditions or other extreme sportive activities are our domain,- we combine all this elements, with pleasure to a perfect vacation together.

Ecological: We use if possible just, small and local companies/partners. We prefer people from the rural areas of the country, with simple and nice posadas. With this concept, we are able, to help the people with their daily life. This is tourisms for the domestic people and not for big international companies.
The “eco-aspect” is maybe a phrase, with is over just, but we are happy to show you our assortment of eco. Eco includes much more as you expect.

Deluxe: Anybody who works a lot and have not much time for preparing the vacation, wants of course, to have authentic adventures in there “best time of the year”, with a high level of extravagance. We earned much experience in this segment and are able to make very good suggestions.
We have many individual elaborated offers, with luxury accommodation, delicious gastronomy, special vehicles and fantastic natural spectacles, in a great combination.

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