Panama City, Panama Canal & Panama

Panama is small- it has an area of less than 77,000 km²

Panama is a small and a fine country in Central America, that borders Costa Rica to the north-west and Colombia to the south-east. In direction Colombia there are no roads, the Panamericana is interrupted at this point.

The most famous construction in Panama is the Panama Canal, the eighth wonder of the world. The Panama Canal connects the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean at the narrowest point of the continent. The channel will be currently enlarged, and expanded. More information about this magnificent building, the past and present, can be found on these pages.Panama CityPanama still lies in its infancy at a touristic point of view. And that makes it so attractive. Pristine beaches, wild jungles, Indian lands, lack of infrastructure, uncorrupted people. All that will be experienced in Panama.

Travel with us to Panama!

Years of experience with individual Tours, make us the ideal partner for your adventure in Panama. Nature and national parks, tropical lowland rain forests, cloud forests, mangroves and flooded plains wait here. Activities such as canal crossing, diving, trekking, volcano climbing, horse riding and sailing are just a few of the many possibilities.
Have fun in small groups or individually, with an authentic nature experience in Latin America.
With our very own guidance we put together a personally suited travel. Great to travel in connection with Costa Rica.

In the chapter of the travel tips you will find a lot of insider tips on how to move around Panama, what you have to bring in your equipment, and much more information. In the chapter of the Country Information it is detailed information on people and places, history, and the entry and exit to/from Panama.

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