Highlights to travel in Nicaragua:

Things to do in Nicaragua- the land of volcanoes and lakes

In Nicaragua, there is so much to see and do, here is an overview of the most exciting highlights by regions.San Juan del Sur, NicaraguaCollected information and other interesting destinations can be found under "Regions of Nicaragua".

Nicaragua shows a luxuriant nature of many contrasts and a fun-loving population, the visitors are welcome.

The city of Managua is about 20 km from the Pacific Ocean and close to the two great lakes of Nicaragua: the Nicaragua- Lake (Lago Cocibolca, the largest lake in Central America) and the Lago de Managua (also Xolotlan).

In Nicaragua- Lake is the largest fresh- water island in the world, the Isla Ometepe with two volcanoes (Concepción volcano with 1,612 m and the Maderas volcano with 1,338 m height), beautiful freshwater beaches and numerous petroglyphs. Violent eruptions of the 2 volcanoes have grown together the 2 original islands by lava.

The "Islas de Solentiname", a lovely island group in the south of the lake is known far beyond the borders of Nicaragua for culture and crafts. Here the poet Ernesto Cardenal has lived for a long time.

The Rio San Juan is in many parts the border to Costa Rica and starts at the southeastern end of the lake near the village of San Carlos. It flows 200 km to the east into the Caribbean. At the Rio San Juan, despite a growing infrastructure is still everything very originally, the only means of transport is the boat, some rapids in the river make the San Juan unnavigable for large ships. Great places at San Juan are the place El Castillo and the nature reserve of La Reserva Indio Maiz.

The capital Managua is less interesting, but the two colonial cities of Granada and León all the more for the visitor. Granada is the third largest city of Nicaragua and is located on the west coast of Nicaragua Lake. The colonial town located at the foot of the 1,340 m high volcano Mombacho. Granada is sister city with Frankfurt a. M. and offers numerous colonial landmarks.

Santiago de los Caballeros de León is in the far west of Nicaragua. The city has about 165,000 inhabitants and is strongly agriculturally oriented. The famous cathedral of León Basilica de la Asuncion is considered the largest and oldest in all of Central America. Leon is also a university city.

As the little beach town of San Juan del Sur on the southwest Pacific coast is the most popular destination for visitors from home and abroad. There are many activities, such as fishing, swimming, diving and surfing are all available, as well as the night life in the small town is famous far and wide.

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