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Tourism in Costa Rica is very ecological

Years ago, the government found out that there is a gap in the global market. If a country protects its enviroment, it could make a country very special.  Therefore, the tourism is used as a tool to protect the nature. There are countless examples showing this in Costa Rica. One example are the Eco-hotels.

An Eco-hotel or an Eco-Lodge takes responsibility for flora and fauna in order to protect the environment and ensure that the guests have a holiday in harmony with nature.

Even though the concept might seem a bit stereotypical it works really good in Costa Rica. As you can see, there are a lot of non-eco hotels which are losing more and more the clients, due to the majority of tourists understanding how important this system is for Costa Rica. Anyone who travels to Costa Rica wants to enjoy the environment and therefore it is important to protect it.

Many hotels and lodges are hosting programs like "plant a tree", "deliver an animal" or similar offers.

On our pages about accommodation in Costa Rica, we have summarized a selection of the best and most beautiful hotels and lodges in the country. The factor "Eco" plays a major role today, but there is still need for more projects to protect the beautiful nature of Costa Rica.

Best destinations around the world

In October 2011, Costa Rica was named the best travel destination in the world, by an American tour operator called "Apple Vacations".

This award, that Costa Rica received at the first time, is based on surveys of customers. Particularly the biodiversity of our country and the variety of the offered destinations impressed the visitors.

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