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Costa Rica is a world leader in environmental matters

National parks, zona protectoras and more

Protected areas, such as national parks and bio reserves, make up more than a quarter of the countries area. It is the first tropical country that seeks to achieve the reversing of deforestation. Many reforestation projects -  private initiatives with government support, are based in Costa Rica.

The energy in the country is derived mostly from hydropower, the best known source is the beautiful Lake Arenal, near the volcano Fortuna. But the country is also getting parts of its energy from wind energy and thermal power plants, which convert earth heat in energy.

People in Costa Rica

not too much children Nature in Costa Rica

The country has a population of almost 4,4 million people which is composed as stated in the following: approximately 94% are white or mestizos(meaning they are descendants of the white or indigenouspeople), 3% are black, only 1% is indigenous, and 2% other. These statistics show that Costa Rica is the Central American country with the lowest percentage of indigenous population.
More than half the population lives in cities.

Animals in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica you will see a lot of wildlife. There are a lot of small animals, but some bigger mamiferos as well.

In Costa Rica you can observe 4 diferent types of apes- called monos. 

The Squirrel Monkey, in Spanish Mono Titi. This one is living exclusively on the Pacific coast. In Manuel Antonio National Parc you will see him for sure. 

The "White faced Capuchin" can be seen all over Costa Rica and is very active. 

The "Mono Congo" in Spanish, the Howler Monkey is very resourceful when talking about making noise. The Howler Monkey makes very loud noises.

The biggest monkey in Costa Rica is the "Spider Monkey" which can reach more than 60 cm (without his tail). You can observe them mostly in the flatlands. 

Happy Costa Rica

The report on the "Happy Planet Index" that was published in July 2009, indicates that Costa Ricans have the highest life satisfaction in the world, and after Canada, they also the second highest life expectancy.

The report particularly praised the environmental commitment of Costa Rica and their positive attitude towards natural resources. The determination and constant efforts of the country to reduce carbon, are not only owed to the support and participation of the people, but also from private sectors, such as Costa Rican hotels, and the travel industries.

The "Happy Planet Index", which explores the country with the happiest people, called the Dominican Republic as a runner-up, while industrialized countries fall on the rear seats. Great Britain and the United States are at number 74, and 114.

Costa Rica is not only well known for its great nature and openness of the people, but also for the large amount of rain forests and natural attractions, such as: volcanoes, rivers, beaches and mountains.

Donate by Credit Card

The excuse, to have no cash for the collection plate at the church in Costa Rica is not valid anymore. Believers can now pay donations with their credit cards as well.

The dinatolische church of San José has stated that they have installed a device for donating at the door, after leaving the fair.
The church uses the mony received emphasizing exclusively in charitable purposes.

Dengue fever

The dengue fever exists widely in the tropics, and also in Costa Rica. A healthy person, that experienced the sickness once in his life, might think that he only had a strong cold. Unfrotunately a second infection with a different type of germ can become very uncomfortable really quickly.

Compared to the year 2010, this year has the number of infected people with dengue in Costa Rica declined. Until September 2011, only 200 cases have been recorded. On the same date of the last year, there were around 3000 cases recorded. This positive trend can be seen according to the Ministry of Health in the entire country, with the exception of the Central Pacific coast. This is the most affected region.

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