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What is the typical food of Costa Rica?

Are there any particular specialties in Costa Rica?

The very, very typical dish is the "Casado". It consists of rice, black beans, fried plantains (platanos) and chicken, meat or fish. The "Casado" is eaten for lunch and dinner, you can get it quite cheap at the more basic restaurants here.

casado- typical food Costa Rica

beer in Costa Rica: Imperial

For breakfast the “Gallo”, or “Gallo Pinto” is very typical, which consists of rice mixed with black beans. It will be served with  eggs, the tortilla (corn bread), and sometimes cheese or chorizo (sausage).

At the beaches, fish and seafood is a must- have. Camarones (shrimp), calamares and pulpos (squid), pescado (fish), Mejillones (mussels), Cangrejos (crayfish), and more fresh food is available there. Other popular meals in Costa Rica are fresh lobsters, on fair prices, which are extremly delicious.

You can also find high standard gastronomy in Costa Rica. In San José and its surrounding area, Santa Ana & Escazú, are many of those to be found.

But of course the American fast-food has held their invasion in Costa Rica as well. All over the country you will be able find it.

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