fauna in costa ricaFacts of Costa Rica

- Area: 51,000 km2
- Population: 4,4 millions
- Language: official language is Spanish, but there are also Patois, and native languages
- Religion: 77% of the religion is catholic, and 14% protestants
- Goverment: Presidential Republic

- Holidays: 15 sep. Independence day, (1821 from Spain).
- Capital City: San José
- Important states: Alajuela, Cartago, Pto. Limón, Puntarenas, Liberia, San Isidro
- Coastline: Pacific: 1020 km, Atlantic: 210 km.
- Density of population: 85 / km2
- Distance: From north to south: 464 km; from west to east: 259 km
- Highest Mountain: Cerro Chirripó Grande with 3839 m

people in costa rica

economy Costa Rica


There is a mixed population in Costa Rica . Approximately 94% of the inhabitants have European and indigenous ancestors, 3% black, 1% indigenous, 1% Chinese, and 1% other. The number of population is estimated at approximately 4.4 million, with an average of population density of 85 people per square kilometer, which is very low compared to Germany (Germany: 231 inhabitants / km ²), but the people are clustered in cities.


Costa Rica is located in the tropical climate zone and the temperatures are fairly constant during the year. The air is directed by the altitude and rainfall. The dry season theoretically lasts from December to April on the Pacific side. From May, winds predominantly from the southwest are to be expected, which provides rainfall on the pacific side of Costa Rica. Tropical cyclones in the Caribbean lowlands also provide rain. In the pacific area of Costa Rica you will find humid weather with a dry season, lasting several months. However, since the entire global climate is changing, the climate in Costa Rica has become very unpredictable.

Power supply:

The voltage in Costa Rica is 110 V. European plugs may only be used with adaptors to fit with the electrical equipment. In remote areas, there may be power fluctuations from time to time.

rain forest in costa rica

All in all, Costa Rica is a country which can basically be visited at any time, without paying great attention to the climate, or worrying about specific diseases.


Costa Rica is a world leader in environmental matters. Protected areas, such as national parks and bioreserves, establish more than a quarter of the countries area. It is the first tropical country that seeks to be against the tropical deforestation.

The Costa Rican Banana Industry intends with the efforts of the Government, to make the small Central American country the first country that reduces its CO2 emissions to zero, by 2021. The export of Bananas is, aside from the tourism, one of the main sources of international connection of Costa Rica. The Banana industry has received several hostilities. Therefore the National Federation of the Banana industry has invested over a million dollars into two new research facilities that are trying to reduce the use of chemicals.

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