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The opportunity to travel Costa Rica with a rental car is exceptional

The roads are, if not in the best condition, yet easy to drive, and the orientation is pretty easy thanks to the GPS. We will take care of the booking of your car, and borrowing a GPS. Please fill out the contact form below.

You don’t need to expect great danger; of course, you should be careful in the situation and take appropriate care. You may see wild animals crossing the streets, and also children or careless cyclists, or cows. You should avoid driving in the dark, keeping in mind that in Costa Rica gets dark early in the afternoon. Therefore, you should plan your respectively routes. We are happy to assist you in the planning.

Traffic rules in Costa Rica are similar to those that are known from Europe. You should control your speed limit, and other offenses are punishable by severe penalties.

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In September 2011, a law was approved which consists in electronically detecting severe fines for traffic violations. For it, it has been installed cameras at 150 points on major roads, which make the velocity measurements on all vehicles.
The penalty for speeding (more than 20 km / h over the speed limit) is punishable by a fine of over U.S. $ 300. That's half a month's salary for a bank teller.

That is also dangerous for visitors in rental cars. Fines are cashed at the car rental companies, which recover the money of their respective customer. The fines are simply charged by your credit card. And since you only have 10 days to appeal and the burden of the credit card will be much later, you’ll pay for in this case with cash.

traffic in Costa Rica

And we give you the only possible hint. Observe the speed limits, even if they seem pointless and you look ridiculous. Speed of 40 km on highway is unusual, but sometimes limited. And of course there are also cameras.

Costa Rica has nearly 40,000 km of roads,

of which, however, are only about 9000 km paved.

The roads are pretty good, but you can sometimes find disabilities or closures. Heavy rains sometimes wash away whole sections of roads or bridges; a landslide blocks roads sometimes for long periods. Especially during the rainy season you must be very careful.

Speed limits:

 - 80 km / h on the main routes (sometimes are marked up or down)
 - 60 km / h on secondary roads and thoroughfares in places
 - 40 km / h within towns
 - 25 km / h near schools during school hours

parking in Costa RicaOf volcanoes and national parks, you will be told to park always backwards. This is in case of a volcanic eruption, so that everyone can get away quickly.

where can I rent a car?

To rent a car in Costa Rica is not complicated. There are many providers, including all the large multinational vendors such as Budget, Thrifty, Hertz, Avis & Co.

There are numerous search engines and websites of recruitment services that promise to find the best offers, and to get an exceptional cheap one.

We recommend, however, except for the price, also paying attention to other things. Often in these tariffs, the tax is not included. At these prices you get promised a (for example) Suzuki Jimmy or similar model. Now, the Jimmy is an excellent option for Costa Rica: small, cheap, and four-wheel. The vehicles in the same class are compact models that have anything but off-road capabilities, and not many destinations in Costa Rica may be reached. So you never had a warranty to get exactly the type of car that you wanted.

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In Costa Rica, a basic insurance is required. This costs about $ 12 a day. As it is, however, a more favorable opportunity for the credit card to take over a portion of the company costs (approximately U.S. $ 4).

Only in case of a problem you’ll need to go initially in advance. In most cheap products (if all the coverage is included) the discount fare is indicated. In the end, then you have to pay the difference.

There are very few rental companies, and those are the big ones that provide extra insurance in Costa Rica. But that is highly recommended. Then the warranty, which is blocked on the credit card, drops to a very small amount and it really is insured against (almost) everything. So you won’t get too attached to any scratches that you didn’t cause.

But even the full insurance has its limits. Anyone who behaves with gross negligence will not be covered. This includes drunkenness while driving, and also when you drive through water. Therefore, you are no insured for driving in the beach or across rivers.

We advise you to reserve your car as you wish. If the reservation is held by us, you can pick up / leave the rental car at many points, and hotels in the country. This is mostly included in the basic price. A single transfer fee is charged in very remote places, which is usually a reasonable price. Please fill out the contact form here.

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