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Southern Caribbean Rainforest Costa Rica

The Selva Bananito Lodge is more than just a place to stay in the rainforest. Here is a big project behind it, in the environment and the protection of nature have top priority.

The lodge has just 11 rooms in a familiar atmosphere and it offers plenty of opportunities for adventure.

There is are no electric lights; a dream of peace and nature. You will be awakened early in the morning by the chirping of the birds; the rooms open to the jungle so that you can take in the entire soundscape.

As a guest, you will feel welcome here, the staff and guides are very friendly. Horses are available for jungle tours; there are horses for every level of experience.

Selva Bananito Lodge

Even the absolute novice who has never sat on a horse does not need to worry. Professional guides and tour guides will take care of you.

There are also many other offers for the adventurous traveler. Canopy on a wire floating through the tops of giant trees; rappel-roping from a giant tree; tree-climbing of the tall trees of the tropical rainforest.

And of course, there are many opportunities for beautiful and adventurous hiking tours through the rain forest, including the tour to the waterfalls of Bananito. Las Cataratas de Bananito.

Accommodation and tours are available as packages, please fill out the form below so we can send you an offer.

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